Wrath = a stern or fierce anger, often deeply resentful

The Wagering of Wrath

The Story:

Abandoned by her mother and then by her foster parents, Wera has grown up bitter and angry with life. Wanting nothing more than death, Wera is given a chance to rethink her decision when an angel wagers that she’d change her mind is just 10 days. At first, Wera is convinced that nothing will change. But a new classmate, a beloved person from her past and a persistent neighbour unexpectedly enters her life and now, Wera is not so sure anymore…

The Characters:

weraWera “The Wrathful”

waine Waine “The New Kid in Class”

nash Nash “The Long-lost Protector”

dagan Dagan “The Stalker Neighbour”


Download and play now!

The Wagering of Wrath (English)

The Wagering of Wrath (French) Translated by Marc Denizot


  1. This was a wonderful visual novel. I cried so much throughout it! The whole story was so insightful and moving and it’s obvious you put a lot of effort into it. I hope you’ll continue to make the rest of the series.

    1. Hi Veronica!

      Thanks so much for such an encouraging comment. Really glad you enjoyed the game and that it touched you so much. I’m currently working on the script for “Greed” and hope to release it within the next couple of months so do come back and try it out 🙂


      1. Never would i have cried over a game or a novel,well,a visual novel,but Wera’s dad’s letter really got me,and what choice i picked? well,’it is,Angelo’

  2. I downloaded this visual novel not expecting much, but playing through I was in tears. I’m really looking forward to seeing your future works! It really is an ambitious project you have here, and I really hope to get to play all of them. I’ll be especially interested to see how you handle lust, considering your games aren’t 18+.

    1. Hi Lauren,

      Thanks for your comment! I wasn’t expecting such a great response for my first game either, to be honest. But so far everyone’s feedback has been really heartening 🙂 I’m looking forward to making the whole series and yes, lust will be a challenging one!


  3. I really want to play your visual novel but it won’t work. It says it cannot execute the file. Do you know how to make it work?

    1. Hi Sarah,

      I’m no techie expert but I’ll try my best. The usual way is to click the link and download the file first. Extract all the files to a location (don’t delete or miss out any) and then run the ren’py program. Does the execution error appear once you try to open the ren’py program?


  4. i agree with the above comments was a great game nearly cried several times all the Characters were great gave them all a play through witch is rare for me cant wait to see what you do next 🙂

    1. Hi Killua,

      Glad you enjoyed each character! I tried making their backstories and their influences on Wera as different as possible. I look forward to making more visual novels too 🙂 Thanks for your support!


  5. I’m a fan! That was gorgeous! Subscribing so as to not miss out on your next masterpiece. Thank you so much for bringing warmth and light to our lives.

    1. Hi Astrella,

      Such an encouraging comment, thank you! That’s exactly what I hoped my game would do and I’m glad it did for you 🙂


  6. I haven’t played the game yet, however, I am planning to since it looks interesting.

    I have a little question though, are you planning on doing “Gluttony” at all? I think it may pose a chalenge XD

    1. Hi Anon,

      Yepp, I’m planning to do all 7 sins, including Gluttony! Haha I think it’ll pose a challenge too but when you think about it, “gluttony” just means over-indulgence so that leaves quite a fair bit of room to write!


  7. Hi!

    I just wanted to say that I played your game. I liked it. 🙂 It wasn’t too short nor was it too long. I had a hard time choosing which boy to pursue first. Lol. I read in the comments that you’ll be making more. Good luck with that!

    1. Hi Jemm,

      Thanks for your comment! Yea even I kept changing my minds on my fav boy throughtout making the game haha.


  8. This was a great game. It was simple and short, but the story was amazing and moving. I almost squealed when I saw it was the first part of a series! I’m so excited.

    Also, I really liked Wera. She is really easy to relate to.
    A lot of people felt that way in the past. I did, and I still do sometimes, but I think there are good people in the world, but we are never gonna find them if we don’t look for them. No one is gonna care for us if we don’t care about others or about ourselves. No one is gonna help us, no one is gonna understand us until we let them. And yeah, sometimes we get hurt, sometimes we fail, sometimes things don’t work out, sometimes people abandon us, but the world still keeps on and so does life. We are never going to know if it’s worth living it until we live.
    At least, that was what this game and Wera, Nash, Waice and Dagan made me think about.

    This project is going to be beautiful!

    (Please forgive me for my bad English, it’s not the language I use…)

    1. Hi Lenka,

      What an awesome comment! I’m so glad that the VN really spoke to you. At the heart of it all, I really wanted the VN to be more of Wera’s own personal journey and all my writing and even the guys’ personalities and backstories were built around what’s best for Wera’s growth.

      “We are never going to know if it’s worth living it until we live.” That’s just beautiful and what I was trying to get across. Thanks for playing and for commenting, it made my day!

      P.s. your English is great! Don’t be afraid to use it more often!


  9. Beautiful story and gorgeous art of work ❤
    thanks for creating

    I feel like Wera and I have some thoughts in common so I really enjoy the story.

  10. Hello! Just played this game and I found it awesome! ^_^

    Wera is one interesting protagonist and all 3 guys are likeable. (Though why does my favorite guy, Nash, get so little votes at the poll ╥_╥)

    Anyway, one small feedback, if you don’t mind- For the endings, perhaps it would be better if instead of just -end-, it can be like eg. -Waine end- etc.

    So yupp, thanks for making this game! ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ

    1. Hi Zee,

      I totally get you! Poor Nash huh… Guess girls really do prefer bad boys haha.

      And thanks for the suggestion! I’ll keep that in my for my future games!


  11. I’m absolutely bawling here.
    You managed to write something so ridiculously sad without it coming off as … how should I say, fake. Wera’s anger was obvious and realistic, so it was easy to see her point of view. I decided to play through making choices based on what I’d think Wera would do, so she ended up with Waine. Although, I think personally I really liked Nash (and Dagan) better lol! I’m also a big fan of the ‘childhood/best friend’ trope, but even though I didn’t go for him in this play-through, it was nice to see that a real relationship was still established. There were no loose ends, a lovely story!!

    1. Hi Lehst,

      Ah, thanks for your comment! It was really important to me that Wera was a well developed character because it was her and not the guys that was the heart of the story (although eye candy never hurt anyone). Glad you enjoyed it so much!


  12. Hi!

    I just played your game and found it really interesting! I really like it a lot, I can’t wait to play the others 🙂 keep up the good work and thanks for this game~

  13. I totally loved the novel. I cannot believe how it got into me. It is completely amazing, no matter what you decisions are, it is always marvelous. You really made a wonderful job. I hope you can make another visual novel like this one. Thank you, for your work. I enjoyed it a lot, cried through it even. Thank you, a thousand times.

    1. Hi Ale,

      Your comment made me smile! Yes, I’ll try my best to make more visual novels that people enjoy. Though they probably won’t have such a sad feel as this one (although honestly, I’m tempted to). Thanks for your comment!


  14. THIS WAS AMAZING!!!!! One of the best free otome games I’ve ever played! The plot, story, and characters are very well done! (I even cried at some of the parts!) YOU ARE AMAZING!!! (HOW IS THIS YOUR FIRST GAME?!?!) I’m looking forward to the other games you make!!! Gambate!

    1. Hi Ai-chan,

      Hahaha, yes it’s my first game! Was so worried about the response but it turned out alright 🙂 Thanks for such an encouraging comment!


  15. I have experienced very few VNs, but it is obvious that this one was superb. A lot of them deal with cheesy romance, but this had class, talent, and beautiful meaning. I must add the highly pleasing graphics and storyline, especially the series continuation you have following it (which I am dying to read). Different content (and yes, no sex scenes too; honestly I think it would have ruined it with kissing etc to sex (might have to change it up a bit for Lust though =P)), but I think it goes in the leagues of very popular VNs like Katawa Shoujo and such, if not easily more. What I mean is that they are very moving/convincing and impact the reader to where they feel like the main character, or at least take much enjoyment from it. It is also very relatable since I (and probably many others) was in that same situation, though not for the same reasons. A sheer miracle I am here today. Life is very precious. Even though you may hear it over and over and over again, it will always be true. Keep smiling. I am really looking forward to the next one! ❤ (and yes, though I usually vote for the nerdy guy, I admit to favoring Dagan =P Yum. You just want to cuddle him so badly X3) Good luck b^.^d

    1. Hi Kimberly,

      I’m so honoured that you feel that way about ‘Wrath’! Always a joy when I hear that someone can relate to Wera and like her, came out of a very dark place. Life is very precious and there’s so much we can give and experience in life as long as we are open to it.

      P.S. Yes, Dagan seems to be extremely popular with the ladies, be it in the VN or in real life haha

      Stay happy always, Kimberly!


      1. Thanks to Wrath, I have been sort of addicted to VNs once again. Probably almost 50 or something (and yes, even the quite popular ones; it sounded even better than a lot of paid ones!) since I have encountered Wrath =P This story seems to always be in my top 3 though. Thank you ❤

        P.S. I just adore his name too X3

  16. This, according to me was a very heart felt visual novel!! I cried buckets, it was that emotional for me! But i really loved the concept of how one can leave back the things that trouble you and find closure!~! This was an aweseome VN!!! I loved it! The characters were also very awesome! ♥

    1. Hi Misbah,

      Thanks for the comment! It was super emotional writing it too! Thanks for showing your love for the VN and also the characters!


  17. Hello.
    I don’t play a lot of Renpys, but I really enjoyed World of Warcra…er…I mean Wagering of Wrath.

    As a non-native speaker, I like your direct – yet evocative- style.
    Your art is top-notch too.
    The story was OK. It reminded me of “Family Man”, but without the cliche passages.

    Best wishes for the next “Seven Salvation” project.

    1. Hi Marc,
      Thanks for playing Wagering of Wrath (and I guess World of Warcraft too)! Family Man… hmmm Nicholas Cage?


  18. Also, I would love to translate your game in french, for free.
    I have worked on the french translation of “Nelly Cootalot” and Dirty Split” before.
    Let me know if you’re interested.


    1. Hi Marc,

      I would be honoured 🙂 Do contact me via email should we need to discuss further details.


  19. Is this a free otome game or is it a demo? o: It looks soooo interesting and I really want to play it!!! *o* Please reply back on where I can download this! 😀

  20. I really enjoyed this visual novel. It had hit me right in the feels, and I was crying of joy and sadness when I was playing it. I also liked the characters and their stories. Also, the game was kind of an eye-opener for me and made look at life differently. 🙂 All in all, it was beautiful. I’m looking forward to the stuff you will be creating in the future. ^u^

    1. Hi Shiro-kun,

      Thanks for your comment! Calling it ‘beautiful’ is really such a compliment 🙂 Hope to create more beautiful works for everyone!


  21. Hello.
    Thank you for making such a wonderful game.
    Since I started playing these type of interactive visual novels, this was the very first one that I felt that I was really into the story. As I played through the possible paths, I came to understand that not all interactive visual novels are just about love and dating or those kind of stuff. There can be lovely ones like this that can educate people about life.
    Once again, thank you for making such a lovely game, and I hope that you can put up more interesting stuff for all to share in future.

    With loves,

    1. Hi Evonne!

      This reply is realllyyyy overdue but just wanna say thanks a lot for your comment! Glad that you’re into this genre of visual novel that I’m totally in love with myself.


    1. Hi Lyra!

      Good to hear from you again! Really wanted to release the next one by the end of the year but my day job is more hectic than I anticipated. Will try my best!!


    1. Hi Giada,

      Sorry I can’t reply in French but merci beaucoup for your comment! Hopefully my future games will be translated as well!


  22. Really, loved the game. Each one of the boys were so nice. (Though I liked Dagan the most~) One thing though, it would have been a tad bit better if you toned down some strong words, like hate. I felt that it was used too many times. Something softer would have been more natural. And some generic things like the way Angelo talked, referring to Wera as child. But, really, that’s my opinion. I loved how Wera gradually changed. She was full of bitterness at first but slowly began to smile. In the end, she forgave and was happy. I was completely satisfied at the end. I would really love to play more of your games.
    Also, I can help you out with character sprites. I’m a digital artist, a hobbyist. I can do anime characters for you. If you are interested, let me know. I’ll link you to my DA. I’ll be happy to help you out. Have a nice day. 😀

    1. Hi there!

      Thanks for the constructive comment! Will take note for my future VNs! It’s awesome that you can help out with sprites! I’m already working on my next VN so I’ve gotten sprites for that one but I’ll definitely drop you an email when I start on the future ones!


  23. That was really touching! This was the perfect use of my afternoon. I love Dagan and I really enjoyed his theme song. Is there a place I could download the soundtrack? It would be great or lonely walks. The first bit where you have to send Wera into the ocean struck me as a really ballsy move and immediately caught my attention.

    Thank You, I really enjoyed it!


    1. Hi Theo!

      I got all my music for Wrath from the very talented “Podington Bear”! You can check out all his music here. Dagan’s theme is called “The Album Clean”. Oh, and the best thing is, Podington Bear has different albums for different moods! How awesome is that?

      I’m gonna post up the list of songs used in Wrath so more people can go enjoy the amazing music! Thanks for the idea!


  24. Wow.
    I just randomly tried one of these and I am so glad the one I played was yours!
    It is beautifully done! Great job! I thoroughly enjoyed it! The overall meaning to getting through hard times is very powerful and relatable . It is an inspiring visual novel. Thank you so much for making it! LOVE it!

    1. Hi Taylor,

      I’m glad that you randomly picked mine too! Stay awesome and keep on playing visual novels!


  25. I should say this is the best visual novel I’ve ever played!
    Not only the theme is unique, the drawing are very nice and best of all the storyline is full of meaning! I cried while playing it… somehow it kinda heal me as well…
    Just feeling a little sad cause I liked waine the most but I couldn’t bring myself to choose him since Dagan’s life was on the line (surgery seems more urgent to attend than just a friend’s moving day wkwkwk) LOVE IT!!! 10 out of 10 ^^

    1. Hi Fayrith,

      Wow thanks for such a good review! Glad you liked it so much and that it touched you 🙂 And I guess that’s the magic of visual novels, you get to go back and choose a different path if you so wish 😉


    1. Hi Lauren,

      Thanks for playing! I know I haven’t been updating the site and on the status of my next game. Apologies! I have actually been working on the general plot for a couple of the installments of the series but it’s gonna take awhile more before any are completed. I didn’t expect my day job to be so taxing haha. Will update all of you when I have more concrete progress!


  26. Hi! So i really loved this game! The animation and the storyline are beautiful. Is short and nice and i really enjoy playing it. The characters are really deep and intresting and the way they develop are great!
    My only problem was with Wera’s forgiving her foster parents without the player being able to decide, like i understand why they did it, but doesn’t mean i would have forgiven them. Maybe i’m seeing this as if had happen to a real person, but what they did was wrong, specially knowing her backstory! Adopting kids comes with a big responsability and people shouldn’t give them back when things get hard, they aren’t toys to play with and throw away when you cant handle them anymore. All the families have hard times, but people aren’t giving they kids up for adoption 24/7. It would have been cool if the Wera had accepted what they did so she could have a clousure, but taken her time to try to forgive them.
    Appart of that, i think the game was marvelous and i really enjoy it, so congratulations! Also, I’m Dagan trush and i freaking embrace it ♥

    1. Hi Flor!

      Thanks for playing! Ahh, I totally get where you’re coming from with the foster parents issue. 10 days would have been too short a time for her to totally forgive what they did but I would think that Wera made her word choices to avoid all that negativity and then privately took time to completely heal 🙂 Also, glad to see another Dagan fan!


  27. I love it! It is a good visual novel, very refreshing. Simple and short, but efficient.

    I played the french version and it was well written, just some rare mistakes but it wasn’t too disturbing. I still have to discover the other endings.
    The game was entertaining and made me cry… I can see that you have put spirit in the making.
    The art and music was agreable. The ambiant music was a good choice considering the vacant feeling of the game, and it empowered the writing.
    Wera is my favorite character but I like them all. I feel like Nash lacked of character development compared to others. I usually don’t like “tsundere”, but maybe Wera is not one of them. She was very understandable. I would like to see more female protagonists (especially in otome games) like her. I really like her with Dagan. :^)
    I thought the foster parents story was a bit shallow? Also, Wera seemed to have no interest in David despite him being his father. The player choices were interesting.

    Pity, the game is so short. It would have required more time to develop some points, so I don’t complain much.
    Sorry for my english. Thank you for the game. How is going the series? :’^)

    1. Hi Anan,

      Thanks for such a thorough review! I’ll digest all your comments and hopefully make the next VN even better 🙂

      I really have to apologize that my next VN is going to take some time. I made “Wrath” before I joined the workforce and in my line of work, the average work hours is about 14 a day… But I’ve been working on the plots for several installments and am diligently working on one right now. It’s too early to tell right now, but I’m working towards releasing the next installment sometime next year.

      Thanks for your support and I hope you’ll enjoy whatever I put out next!


      1. Hi leeeex,
        You’re welcome, I hope it was of some help. Wrath was already a good start, so I don’t worry much about your next vn. Take your time, we can easily understand your situation, and good luck. :^)

    1. Hi Kaiyoria!

      Thanks sooo much for letting me know! I just updated the download links, let me know if they still don’t work for you. Really glad you’ve enjoyed the game and even more glad that you’re planning to replay it 🙂 Stay cool!


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