The First of the Series!

The first of the Seven Salvations Series is up and has been doing rather well, considering it’s my first ever visual novel and it’s a one-(wo)man project! Decided to start on ‘Wrath’ first because before I even started the series, I actually planned out different genres for each visual novel and drama came the most natural to me. So ‘Wrath’ it was!

Some screenshots!

Some screenshots!


“The Wagering of Wrath” may be a little different from your usual ‘girl pursues boy’ kinda VN because I really wanted at least a significant portion of the series to be highly focused on the protagonist’s growth and so all routes will still feature all the guys with an almost equal importance. It puts me under more pressure to write interesting, believable characters but I love a challenge!

I’ve been very thankful for all the comments so far and am very excited to start on my next visual novel, now already chosen to be “Greed”. More announcements and teasers on it after a couple of weeks of solidifying the character backstories and plot. In the meantime, I’ll be posting some spoiler-free goodies on “Wrath”! I’ve spent a lot of time creating the characters and trying to get into their minds. Hopefully the goodies will give you a greater insight into their lives and motivations and also serve as some fun-facts!

Do check the visual novel out here and check back again for the release of “Greed”!



  1. Hello, I would just like to say that I enjoyed the Wagering Of Wrath very much. At some points it made me emotional, other points I laughed. This is the third dating sim game I’ve ever played, as I normally have no interest in them, but a friend referred me to it and I’ve enjoyed playing it ever since. I eagerly away your next game.

    1. Hi M,

      Glad you enjoyed the Wagering of Wrath! Such a rollercoaster of emotions, huh. Thanks for sticking with the VN and thanks to your friend who referred you too!


  2. This was sooo lovely and sweet, and quite emotional at times. I loved the game! Make more, please!!! 🙂

  3. I’ll admit that I wasnt expecting that much when I first downloaded the game, but a few minutes and I was taken in. This was incredibly emotional for me, and I love the way that both she and the boys develop(and the fact that can all have good endings at the same time X3). Thank you so much for creating this, and I’m looking forward to your next game, whenever it is released 😀

    1. Hi there!

      Glad you loved that the endings actually feature all the guys! I felt that it’s more realistic and heartwarming this way because regardless of who she truly loves the most, she did develop strong relationships with all of them. 😀


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