Wrath’s Nash

“Beyond the painful things in life I wish to forget,

There’s some beauty that I still can recall.

His smile, his words,

His warmth and protection.

And beyond what little beauty left I too wish to forget,

I wish to forget he’d forgotten me.”

Nash is not just your typical nice-guy-aka-childhood-friend character. Sure, he has the kind smile and the calm demeanor and all. And also, I’d like to think that he has quite a few girls crushing on him in school and yet he’s totally oblivious to it, which is sooo him and sooo adorable. But more than that, Nash is an important driver of the story. His appearance forces Wera to confront her past and her insecurities – everything that has hardened her to the way she is at the beginning of the story. You really can’t hate this guy, so here’s more reasons to love him!

Wrath's Nash

I’ve already mentioned this in the Waine character profile post but basically, to get Nash’s ending, on the last day, choose to go to where Nash will be (I’m sure this is totally obvious, unless you’ve been skipping chunks of dialogue). A last choice will pop up and… you can either choose a friendzone kind of dialogue or something on the more romantic side. After that, just enjoy the ending! If you’re still stumped, just drop me a comment or email and I’ll be sure to reply ya.

Nash a lil too sweet for your not-so-sweet-tooth? Need someone a little more… dangerous? Yea, you know who I’m talking about. Stay tuned for Dagan’s character profile!


Wrath’s Waine



“Who is this guy?

When he stares at me,

Why do I sense hatred at the world?

The world which hates me.

Who is this guy?

When he stares at me,

Why do I see myself in his eyes?

Did the world turn on him too?”

That’s what I imagine Wera writing in her diary about her first impression of Waine. If she ever even kept a diary.

For those of you who have already played the game at least once through (or for those familiar with visual novel writing in general haha), I’m sure you know that Waine isn’t as hard-hearted as he first seemed. Just to give everyone a little more insight as to who Waine really is, here’s a little character profile of our darling transfer student! I write my characters and let them lead the story, so hope you enjoy this little goody!

Wrath's Waine


And a lil something for all those Waine lovers out there who have asked for a walkthrough, I’d like to give a few not-so-subtle hints but… It’s just really simple! On Wera’s final day, you have a few choices of where to go (you would have already known where to find Waine on the last day at this point) and then a final dialogue choice which, especially in Waine’s case, is really obvious! Based on that choice, you either get a friendly ending (with all the guys! how rare is that!) or a slightly more romantic ending with Waine with an insight to Wera’s continuing friendship with the other two guys (because after all everyone went through, I’m sure Wera would treasure each of them regardless right? if I were the one playing the VN, I would want to see closure for each guy! now once again, how rare is that!). If you’re still stumped as to how to get Waine’s ending, feel free to drop me a comment or email!

Is the brooding boy not really your type? How about the prince-like childhood friend? Nash’s character profile is coming up next!

The Music of ‘Wrath’

I’ve recently gotten a comment from Theo, asking where he could get his hands on the soundtrack for ‘The Wagering of Wrath” and then it hit me, ‘Why haven’t I shared with the world the amazing music of Podington Bear?’! (thanks Theo!)

Music played a real big part of Wrath and I spent a considerable amount of time finding the most suitable music theme for each character (and of course, Waine’s beautiful piano piece as well). I did credit the talented Podington Bear at the ending credits of Wrath but for those who want to download the tracks to listen on those lonely walks home, rainy days at home or even with friends, please visit Podington Bear’s works here! I’ve also created a quick list of the music used below. Enjoy guys!!

Credits to Podington Bear

Credits to Podington Bear

Le pari de la colère

The Wagering of Wrath has been translated to French by the multi talented Marc Denizot! Download it now on Wrath’s page. Besides translation work, Marc is also a really talented artist! You can visit Marc’s work here!

I am so so honoured that Marc enjoyed Wrath so much and was willing to do the translation. This is big step for the Seven Salvation Series! Thanks so much Marc!

Thanks Marc!

The First of the Series!

The first of the Seven Salvations Series is up and has been doing rather well, considering it’s my first ever visual novel and it’s a one-(wo)man project! Decided to start on ‘Wrath’ first because before I even started the series, I actually planned out different genres for each visual novel and drama came the most natural to me. So ‘Wrath’ it was!

Some screenshots!

Some screenshots!


“The Wagering of Wrath” may be a little different from your usual ‘girl pursues boy’ kinda VN because I really wanted at least a significant portion of the series to be highly focused on the protagonist’s growth and so all routes will still feature all the guys with an almost equal importance. It puts me under more pressure to write interesting, believable characters but I love a challenge!

I’ve been very thankful for all the comments so far and am very excited to start on my next visual novel, now already chosen to be “Greed”. More announcements and teasers on it after a couple of weeks of solidifying the character backstories and plot. In the meantime, I’ll be posting some spoiler-free goodies on “Wrath”! I’ve spent a lot of time creating the characters and trying to get into their minds. Hopefully the goodies will give you a greater insight into their lives and motivations and also serve as some fun-facts!

Do check the visual novel out here and check back again for the release of “Greed”!




Welcome to Seven Salvations – a visual novel series based on the 7 sins! It’s a really ambitious project considering I currently work alone and have absolutely no talent in drawing and have to source for free art online haha. I love stories and I do hope that my stories make up for the basic and static artwork! In time to come, I hope that the quality of the visual novels will improve by getting some art and music collaborators!


Do enjoy, drop me a comment (even if it’s just to say ‘hi’!), take a break from real life and immerse yourself in the ones I’ve created 🙂